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  Boats in Galilee, Photo Credit Karen Petersen  
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Rhode Island has a diverse and dynamic commercial fishing and seafood industry. Steeped in tradition, the industry continues to thrive thanks to the health and abundance of locally available fishery resources and the thousands of hard-working men and women who harvest the resources and make them available to seafood consumers throughout Rhode Island, across the U.S., and internationally.

Rhode Island seafood typically mixes with other seafood products in the marketplace. The marketplace includes retail stores and restaurants, as well as regional, national, and global wholesale markets. To help distinguish Rhode Island seafood, a new Rhode Island Seafood Logo has been developed. The Logo may be used, upon application to the RI Department of Environmental Management and receipt of a Letter of Authorization, to identify and promote seafood landed in Rhode Island by commercial fishermen, as well as seafood grown in Rhode Island waters by commercial farmers.

The new Logo is at the heart of a new seafood marketing campaign launched by the Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative. The Collaborative was established by state statute in 2011, and is actively engaged in a host of programs and activities aimed at fostering increased interest in and demand for local seafood products. In addition to developing and trademarking the Logo, the Collaborative has launched a website – SeafoodRI.com – to serve as the focal point for the marketing campaign.

Seafood consumers who cherish the opportunity to access and enjoy the vast array of fish, shellfish, lobster, and crab products that come from Rhode Island will now be able to do so more easily, by simply looking for products that feature the Logo. The benefits are clear and exciting: better access to fresh, local seafood for consumers; increased demand for Rhode Island seafood products in the marketplace; and a boost to the economic interests of Rhode Island’s commercial fishing and seafood industries.

For more information, contact the RI Department of Environmental Management at 401-222-2781 (Division of Agriculture) or 401-783-5551 (Galilee Port Office).