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Rhode Island's fishing boats are family-run affairs, part of a fishing heritage that has held families together for generations. RI seafood is harvested from our ocean waters, coastal salt ponds and from Narragansett Bay. Depending on what species is being harvested, the design of the fishing vessel and its fishing gear will vary. But the goal is always the same – to catch as much as possible within the bounds of sustainability-related laws and to safely bring the fresh catch to shore as quickly as possible.

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Meet the people who harvest the bounty of Rhode Island waters. Learn about the stewardship of our fisheries and how fish are caught.

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Once the day's catch reaches shore it first needs to be safeguarded by being kept at the proper temperature, typically by utilizing ice, or in the case of lobsters being put in tanks of circulating seawater.

Hundreds of Rhode Islanders are employed in waterfront industries, prepping the fish for markets beyond the docks. Lobsters can be sold off the docks but more often, like other fish, are destined for local restaurants or food markets.

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There's a lot that happens between when RI seafood is landed at the docks and it gets to your table. Learn how Rhode Island seafood is processed and distributed.

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Fresh seafood is one of the many perks of life in the Ocean State, and you'll find market specials on many restaurant menus.

If you are going to buy and prepare local seafood yourself there are numerous groceries, fish markets and farmers markets that sell locally harvested seafood. In addition, there are a few Community Supported Fisheries (CSFs) that offer weekly deliveries of fresh fish to neighborhoods across RI.

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Learn how to prepare Rhode Island seafood from some of our best chefs.

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